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According to Daniel Goffman in The Ottoman Empire and the Early Modern Europe, how did the Ottomans administer their vast realm, and what did slavery have to do with that?

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In the late 14th century, the Ottoman Empire began to use slaves as part of the janissary corps, or infantry units that made up the sultan's bodyguards and the troops that served in his house. These soldiers served the sultan directly under leaders such as Bayezid I, Mehmed I, Murad II, and Mehmed II. Janissaries were taken away from their cultures and became loyal to the sultans. They helped, as Goffman writes, "domestically to neutralize the Turkoman cavalry and internationally to neutralize European innovations in military technology" (page 65). Therefore, the janissaries were important in helping the sultan consolidate power at home and abroad.

The janissaries...

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