In Of Mice and Men, according to Curley's wife, why isn't anyone going to leave the horseshoe tournament?

Expert Answers
amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lennie is worried that George will be angry with him for talking to Curley's wife. Lennie is scared that Curley or George might show up to see Lennie alone with her. Curley's wife says that it is only four o'clock, so no one is going to leave the horseshoe "tenement." This implies that the tournament has just begun. Curley's wife continues to talk to Lennie, trying to get him to warm up to her. She then tells him that the men have bet four dollars in the tournament. If each of the men bet money, not one of them will leave until the tournament is over and a winner is declared. 

"Don't you worry about talkin' to me. Listen to the guys yell out there. They got four dollars bet in that tenement. None of them ain't gonna leave till it's over."