According to Bryon in the book That Was Then, This Is Now, what is it that a "lady-killer" should never do?Book - That Was Then, This Is Now Author - S.E. HINTON

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Bryon says that

"...a lady-killer should never remind a girl of her gawky age when she was skinny and ugly, or fat and ugly, or short-haired with a mouth full of metal".

Bryon fancies himself as being good with the ladies, however, he is caught off-guard when he runs into Cathy at the hospital cafeteria.  Bryon had known Cathy when they were both quite a bit younger, and had not seen her for many years since she went away to school.  Both of them have changed in the intervening time; Cathy says that Bryon must have "grown a foot" since she last saw him.  Bryon on his part does not even recognize Cathy at first, and is embarrassed because she so clearly remembers him.  He desperately tries to recall whom she is as they make small talk, thinking that she "couldn't have been someone (he) had dated", because although he has dated a lot of girls, he would surely remember her if he had gone out with her.  After wracking his brain, he suddenly realizes that she is his friend M&M's sister, and without thinking, he blurts out,

"the last time I saw you you had short hair and braces",

completely forgetting that a guy like himself with a reputation for being suave would never say a thing like that.  Despite his faux pas, Bryon and Cathy hit it off well, and their chance meeting quickly develops into a strong friendship and maybe something more (Chapter 2).

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