According to the book, "1984," what is the aim of modern warfare in accordance with principles of doublethink?

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The aim of warfare was to maintain a continual state of emergency as a way to guarantee authoritarianism.  By continually being at war with one another, the three superpowers kept a balance of power, they kept the people toiling at making war supplies and at fighting, they kept the people too busy, worried, and confused to scrutinize what the governments were doing.  As long as there was fighting going on, there were jobs for the proletariats.  Also, as long as there was fighting going on, the population numbers could be kept down somewhat.  The main concept among the three powers was the concept that the past was changeable, i.e., the "mutability of the past".  This allowed history to be changed at will to be in accordance with the present.  As long as no one could prove any allegation against the governments by citing some doctrine or statistic or event from the past, then the governments remained in power and impervious.



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