In chapter 9 of book 2 in 1984, Winston reads the Book of the Brotherhood. What are the last few paragraphs saying about control? 1984>Book 2>Chapter 9> Book of the Brotherhood>Chapter 3:WAR IS PEACE

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In the end of the Book of the Brotherhood, Chapter 3, War is Peace, the author points out many concepts of war that Winston already knew to be true. War itself is of little matter to the majority of the people because all it means to them is a change in their master. Their living conditions do not change, and they accept this. For those closer to the leadership (Inner Party and Outer Party Members) war is a matter of of loyalty even though they understand that world domination is never possible. But the belief in the impossible keeps these people at work. Even though this contradiction is hard at work, reconciling contradiction is what doublethink is all about: making people believe the opposite of truth even though they know the truth is true. This leads to the concept of controlled insanity. If a people can be made insane, they can be completely controlled. Winston understood that he was watching this play out. He recognized that the quest for human equality was not being pursued, but actually ignored to keep this hierarchy in place. People who had power would always be in power. Winston never finishes the end of chapter 3, but we understand that he comprehends and has watched all that he is reading and it is the life he knows to be true.

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