According to the book Number the Stars, how many Jews lived in Denmark?

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There were about seven thousand Jews living in Denmark at the start of World War II.

Denmark is a small country, but a mighty one. When Denmark was invaded by the Nazis during World War II, the country did not submit quietly. Although they had only a small navy and not many soldiers, they did what they could. This included sinking their entire fleet so the Nazis couldn't get it, and smuggling the Jewish population out of Denmark.

"It is their way of tormenting. For some reason, they want to torment Jewish people. It has happened in the other countries. They have taken their time here—have let us relax a little. But now it seems to be starting." (Ch. 3)

Annemarie’s best friend Ellen is Jewish. She tells her father that “all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews” and he agrees. When her father tells her that the Nazis have a list of all of Denmark’s Jews and plan to take them away, she wants to know where. He tells her they do not really know where.

"We don't know where, and we don't really know why. They call it 'relocation.' We don't even know what that means. We only know that it is wrong, and it is dangerous, and we must help." (Ch. 4)

Annemarie's family helps smuggle as many Jews out of the country as they can. They use coffins to hide supplies and handkerchiefs to send messages. It is as if the entire country joins the underground movement against the Nazis. 

In the Afterword to the book, we are told that “nearly seven thousand people” were smuggled into Sweden by the people of Denmark. The Danish people were able to help almost all of the Jewish population, except those who did not heed the warning. The entire country defied the Nazis. Because of the brave people of Denmark, few of their Jews died.

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