In 1984, people envisioned a luxurious future. What two things have kept this vision from happening?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A couple of elements converged in ensuring that the luxury of the future could not be achieved.  The idea of individuals seeking luxury and personalized happiness is something that the power of Big Brother had to deny.  Big Brother is only able to gain so much power by eliminating the personal realm.  The public dimension is the only one in the Oceanic political configuration.  In making sure that there is no private realm, including private desire for luxury, Big Brother is able to consolidate its own power and control over the people.  In doing so, less chance for resistance is present.  Another way that The Party has contributed to making sure that personal notions of luxury were eliminated is by constantly ensuring that war is a reality for its people.  For example, in announcing an apparent victory against the Eurasians, a ration on chocolate is announced.  The war becomes another way to focus people's attention on government goals and agendas and away from their own desires or wishes for luxury.