According to the author of the link below, effective communication with others requires that a leader do what things?read the...

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According to the author of the article in the link, the main thing that managers have to do is to ensure that the message they think they are sending their subordinates matches up with the message that the subordinates are receiving.  The author argues that this is the most important aspect of communication from a leader’s perspective.  The author goes on to say that a leader must minimize the possibility of misunderstandings while working to ensure that their communications will be precise and effective.  The author says that there are six steps that are involved in making these things happen.  The leader must

  • Know their audience.  The leader must understand the mindsets of the receivers of communications. 
  • Incorporate this understanding into the messages that are sent.  The leader must use this knowledge to craft communications that will be understood by the audience.
  • Create a clear mindset for the receiver.  What this means is that the leader must clearly articulate what is wanted.
  • Include a way to get feedback from the audience.
  • Adjust communications based on what the feedback is.
  • Continue to learn.  The leader must constantly be listening to the feedback they get and understanding how they can improve their communications with their subordinates.