According to ASA's six-point system a patient with mild systemic disease would be classified as:A. P1 B. P2 C. P3 D. P4

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The American Society of Anesthesiologists created the ASA Physical Classification System in 1941 as a way to assess a patient prior to administering anesthesia or performing a procedure. Since then, it has come into common use in the medical profession.

A patient with PS1 status is considered to be of normal health and free of disease.

A PS2 patient such as you are asking about is one who has mild disease of a single body system, but is showing no physical limitations. This patient can engage in moderate physical exertion successfully. Patients with a controlled disease, such as a diabetic whose blood sugar is controlled by medication, would fall into this category.

Patients at PS levels 3 and 4 are showing increasing debilitation; those at PS 5 are moribund and not expected to survive more than 24 hours. PS level 6 patients are clinically brain dead, and their bodies are being maintained for organ harvest.