Find the acceleration of a ship that weighs 6500 kg, being pulled by two ships, one on each side, with chord attach to the front of the ship at a single point, each chord exerting a force of 8000n forming an angle of 60 degrees.

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It is not very clear here if the chords form 60 degrees angle with each other or with a central line. Lets try both cases:

Let the angle made by chords with the central line is 'd' degrees.

Total puling (or forward) force on the ship = 2 x 8000 cos d

And, force = mass x acceleration

Thus, acceleration = Total force/mass

Case 1: chords make 60 degree angle with each other. Here, d = 30 degrees

Acceleration = (2 x 8000 cos (30))/6500 m/s^2 = 2.13 m/s^2

Case 2: Chords make 60 degree angle with the central line, here d= 60 degrees

Acceleration = (2 x 8000 cos (60))/6500 = 1.23 m/s^2.

Kindly note, if nothing else is give in question, we can assume that chords make an angle of 60 degrees with each other and case 1 is applicable.

Hope this helps.

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