The absolute value of three times a number, n, is greater than 15?  Solve the inequalites and graph. t-7<-15,  b+12<18. 

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`t-7<-15 ` 

First, combine similar terms.

Move -7 to the right side. Note that moving a term to the other side will change its sign. So,

`t < -15 + 7`


`t < -8`

Thus, the answer is `t < -8` The graph should be all points to the left of -8 (excluded).

As for this:


Same steps are applied.

Move 12 to right side to combine with 18. The sign changed from + to -. So,

`b < 18 - 12`


`b < 6`

Thus, the answer is `b < 6`  .The graph should be all points to the left of 6 (excluded).

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