From Part 1 in Chapter 8 to Part 2 in Chapter 4, what provokes thought in the reader?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many different elements in these sections of the text that provoke thought in the reader.  I would say that one of the most compelling elements to emerge from the text would the burgeoning relationship between Winston and Julia.  The relationship embodies the essence of resistance.  The fundamental question that exists within the reader is whether the power of Big Brother can stop love. Given the oppressive reality of Big Brother, Winston and Julia can be seen as being in love.  Even if they are not, their act is so brazen that it might as well be love. Orwell is brilliant in being able to tap into the ultimate reservoir of redemption within the human psyche.  Of course, in this exists the even more disturbing element that their relationship will be discovered and prove Big Brother even more powerful.  How this will play out becomes one element of thought that exists in this section of the text.

The reader wants to believe that the relationship that both share with one another will serve as the repudiation of Big Brother that has been sought throughout the narrative.  Seeing this association develop is what triggers thought and reflection.  The reader must ask themselves how sex and love are both acts of resistance in contexts of extreme authoritarian rule.  Seeing how both Winston and Julia embrace their relationship in the face of everything wrong is part of what provokes thought in the reader.  

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