What do you think are the memorable parts in the story Driver's Ed?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Literature is personal, so you should decide for yourself what parts of the story are moving for you, but I will give you my favorites. Morgan's reaction to finding out about Denise's death is a memorable part of the story for me. "Morgan was screaming on the inside....so loud that jet engines might be taking off in his brain....Morgan's mind burned. His heart seemed to catch fire. He felt so hot and dry, he felt blistered....I'm a nice person. It was only a sign." It realistically describes how any of us would react to this situation. It also reflects Morgan's innocence in taking the stop sign. He never thought it could lead to someone's death.

Another memorable moment is when the driver's ed teacher, Mr. Fielding, accepts responsibility for what he feels is his part in Denise's death. He feels partially responsible because he didn't do his job as a teacher by not teaching the kids to take driving seriously. His statement affected me, especially as a teacher. "You kids are always mentioning life and death .... getting into college is life and death....Only driving is life and death. Holding a steering wheel is life and death. Choosing to control a car is life and death." This quote moves me because it's a reminder to adults how we can affect young people's lives. As teachers, we have a great responsibility to all of our students to do the best we can, no matter what subject we're teaching.

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