Can you analyze it and critize this poem from the fouth stanza to the end?    

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Part of the driving force of Romanticism was the belief that the deification of subjectivity and emotion can be more powerful than that of science and rational thought.  The opening stanza sets up this theme as it calls to "quit your books."  After this, the poem continues by drawing the parallel that the domain of boredom and monotony rests in the study of science and math.  In contrast, the speaker suggests that there is a realm where routine and drudgery do not define existence.  In the speaker's mind, this realm is one where a world of "ready wealth" awaits, and in this domain "truth breathed by cheefulness."  The notion of lauding individual freedom by "turning tables" on the socially dictated and conventional notions of the good proves to be a compelling theme out of the poem.  Emphasizing subjectivity and emotional connection to oneself and the world, the poem concludes with a call to "Close up" the books of science and math, which the speaker labels as "barren leaves," and encourages to "bring... a heart that watches and receives."  Such a closing brings to light the dominant theme of subjectivity and a primacy on emotions that is instrumental to the Romantic conception of the world.