Inferno canto XXXIV ,circle 9, their characters, summary, setting of the story. 

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Virgil and Dante arrive in the ninth circle of hell. Satan is here, as well as Judas Iscariot-who betrayed Jesus, Brutus, who went against the secular and divine world, and Cassius, who committed suicide after he was defeated by Antony. (The characters of Brutus and Cassius are later in Shakespeare's plays).They are in wretched pain and covered in ice.

Virgil asks Dante if he thinks it is possible to recognize Satan. Dante does, and when he sees Satan, who is about 1500 feet tall, he is eating Judas Iscariot alive.

Virgil and Dante climb down Satan's body, and then travel back up to leave. They end their journey with the ability to see stars. This is symbolic in that they have left the depths of hell, and the stars twinkling can be seen to represent heaven.

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