About how many text messages do you send a day and approximately, what is your phone bill?This is for a stats project. I could really use responses. Can anyone explain Linear regression and what...

About how many text messages do you send a day and approximately, what is your phone bill?

This is for a stats project. I could really use responses. Can anyone explain Linear regression and what it's used for?

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litteacher8 | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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I send about 10 texts a day, sometimes less or more.  My bill is about $90.

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alohaspirit | Middle School Teacher | (Level 2) Assistant Educator

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During the week about anywhere from five to ten a day, and during the weekend about 10-20 a day.  Can easily text about 50 messages in one night if I am going out. My phone bill is about $60 just for my plan since I have unlimited text messaging $10 a month.

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Jen Sambdman | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Assistant Educator

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I receive about 20 texts/day during the weekday and send about that many out. On the weekends it increases to about 45 in and out. I have Verizon and the premium nation-wide plan at $79.99, $5.99 unlimited text package, (free) In-Network calling, V-Cast, Navigation, and Unlimited Megabyte usage for $9.99. With taxes and all that noise and after my 18% teacher discount, my bill is generally around $99/month.

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I text maybe twice a month, but my phone bill is still $100 flat. We are with AT&T, and we have other "perks" on the bill. The phones, however, were free upgrades.

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cburr | Middle School Teacher | (Level 2) Associate Educator

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I don't currently have a cell phone, because I live in rural Vermont now and can't get reception.  However, when I lived near Boston I had a cell but didn't text at all.  This does NOT mean that I'm not plugged in to online communications.  I do IMing all the time!

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I'm one of those rare individuals who does not yet own a cell phone. So I don't send any text messages, and my phone bill is not affected. However, since I'm going to be teaching an online course and need to keep regular office hours, I'm going to have to break down and finally get a phone. But I'll still resist text messaging just to be a curmudgeon!

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Simple Linear Regression is the simplest and most popular regression technique. Simple Linear Regression (SLR) is a regression model where: There is only one (numerical) independent variable.  The model is linear both in the independent variable and, more importantly, in the parameters. "In some situations, the slope and/or intercept have a scientific meaning. In other cases, you use the linear regression line as a standard curve to find new values of X from Y, or Y from X." The model is used for statistical analysis.  As far as text messages are concerned, being over 55 years of age, I probably average about 5 texts a day and my bill runs me about 60.00 per month.  However, I know a student in high school who, last month, averaged 330 messages a day and her mother’s phone bill was 347.00.   Hope this helps.

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rlendensky | Student, College Freshman

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I apologize but I neglected to add the price of my phone bill, my family pays $150 per month which includes unlimited free texting for $20 per month.

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rlendensky | Student, College Freshman

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I would say that I text more than the average individual. I text message over a hundred times a day. In case this project is age pertinent, I am eighteen years old and in case it is gender specific I'm a male. To give a more accurate number I would say I SEND about 110 messages per day.

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I paid $12.99 for my Virgin Mobile phone.  I added the monthly plan of $49.99 which includes $5.00 for 1000 texts a month.  I have free calls nights and weekends.  Since I am in school all day, I rarely have the need to text.  I also rarely use my personal phone since I have a phone in my classroom.  I use my phone mostly in the evenings if I am away from home. 

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I don't text message on a regular basis.In fact, I have made it a point to avoid it if at all possible.

When I was teaching on the university campus, I began to notice that students, and faculty, were no longer walking in groups and talking to one another...no longer engaged in often loud, but friendly, banter in the eating and social centers.

They were plugged into their personal electronic devices!

Talking on their cell phones...texting someone...doing stuff on their PDAs...and sometimes, doing more than one thing at a time!

Gone was the familiar sights and sounds of a LIVING campus!

And it struck me that this was a social manifestation that should be countered, as much as feasibly possible.

We are social being, us humans...

What is to become of us when that need in us...that need for Human contact and interaction...is replaced with the need for The Machine?

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