About Henry Ford, the inventer of the car. 1.What inspired him to start his car invention? 2.Is his car invention environmental friendly? 3.Did his invention excel in the future and why? 4.Why did he think people would make use of his invention?

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1. Henry Ford did many experiments on internal combustion engines. In 1896 he completed his own self propelled vehicle which he called the quadricycle. He was not the first to built a gas engine. He had a great deal of passion for what he did and this is what inspired him to start building cars.

2. Just like today, his cars ran on gasoline which is is not environmentally friendly. Gas was not as refined as well as it is today so this is something else to consider.

3. Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908. This revolutionized the world and personal transportation was now a reality. His cars were a success. It made life much easier for people who were able to purchase one of these cars.

4. He thought people would use his cars for a few reasons. They were reasonably priced and easy to operate and maintain. They made life much easier for the everyday individual.

1.  His early career as an engineer working with steam engines gave him a great deal of expertise working with engines and a...

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