About Cary Silverman 1)what inspired cary silverman to invent alcohol flavored popcorn? 2)is this invention environmental friendly and why? 3)will this invention excel in the future and why? 4)will people make use of this invention and why?

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Silverman was inspired to create what he calls and now markets as "Pub Corn" because he saw teens sneaking alcohol into the movies to drink with their popcorn so he set out to find a way to make the popcorn itself taste like their drinks. He started with Whisky but soon a company helped him develop flavoring for the popcorn that was non-alcoholic.

His product can now be ordered on-line in a wide variety of drink flavors and he is becoming relatively famous as an Internet entrepreneur. I am not sure what relation the pub corn has to the environment other than the fact that corn is readily available as a food resource. The popularity of his popcorn will increase, I think, exponentially as people find out about it but will then decline some as the novelty wears off. Flavored popcorn is not new, just his incarnation of it.

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