Describe someone you know who has never had to put on a  metaphorical "mask" to hide their identity.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The basic premise of the writing task sounds like a very positive one, affirming the quality of the person who lives without having to wear a "mask."  I am going to take it in a darker direction, though.  With the idea that the person can be constructed or "open,"  I would suggest that Hitler would be an example of a person who lived without a mask.  There is little concealment in the writings and politics of Hitler.  There is little of hiding behind a mask.  As early as his 1925, Hitler made fairly clear what his intentions were and demonstrated his beliefs in a non- masqueraded manner.  Hitler can be seen as someone who had never had to put on a "mask" metaphorically to hide his identity.  In this, the case can be made that there are times when masks are needed, are actually good things.  The notion of wearing a mask indicates that individuals can be predisposed to keeping their own identity secluded, to an extent, in order to ensure social cohesion.  Hitler did not wear a mask because he sought social fragmentation and was quite open about it.  I think that you can analyze Hitler's writings and his actions and see little that indicates a masquerade.  His desire for power, yearning for a stronger Germany, and willingness to blame and punish anyone who stood in the way of these notions are ideas that he represents freely, without a mask.  In this, I think that the writing task might take a bit of a darker turn, suggesting that some level of "mask- wearing" might not be entirely bad if the option of not wearing one can be destructive to so many.