About 1200 words, write extended definition essay on rich kids.

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I can't write the essay for you, but I can help you get the essay started and give some directions to explore in the essay. A definition essay does more than provide a simple, straightforward definition of a word or concept. A definition essay will attempt to discuss and cover various connotative and denotative definitions of a word, concept, and/or idea. A definition essay will also provide the reader with examples to help clarify the various ideas being explored.

The opening paragraph should start with an attention-grabbing hook that motivates your reader to keep reading. Start with a question, because that tends to be an easy way to engage readers. You could also start with the standard definition of "rich." The opening paragraph also needs to include a thesis statement. The thesis is critical for both you and your reader, because it will guide your writing will clue your reader in to the various angles that your essay is going to explore.

I don't know what you intend to exactly explore regarding rich kids, but I would recommend defining and exploring "rich" more than defining "kids." "Rich" has multiple definitions, and it has a lot of connotations. Being rich doesn't even necessarily always apply to monetary wealth, so a "rich kid" isn't necessarily the child of a billionaire. Additionally, what one country defines as a rich kid could be quite different than what another country defines as a rich kid.

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