In Camus' "The Guest," explain the importance of the following characters: the Arab and Balducci.

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In Camus' "The Guest," the Arab and Balducci represent two opposing forces in the life of our schoolmaster.

The main character in our story is Daru, a French Algerian schoolmaster—it is the night before the eruption of the Algerian War. This revolution is directed by the National Liberation Front (FLN). While it begins in October of 1954 (the setting for our story), it will continue to July of 1962—nine years—until the Algerians win their independence from the European influences brought on by the French colonization of Algeria.  

Balducci is a policeman who brings the Arab to Daru; because he is short on men, he asks Daru to assume his civic duty and transport the Arab prisoner to the authorities at Tinguit. Balducci is not an unkind man, but he is dedicated to his job. Following rules makes it easier for Balducci to see the world in blacks and whites, without his emotions getting in the way. 

"I'm going back to El Ameur. And you will deliver this fellow to Tinguit. He is...

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