ABC ltd is planning to launch a new brand of fruit juice.They want to conduct a survey to understand the preference of the consumer.Design a questionnaire to address this research problem. design a questionarie to address this research problem.

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ABC Ltd needs to determine exactly what type of information it wants to gather with its survey and the best way of distributing the survey to potential consumers of the new fruit juice. They will need to consider what market they hope to access for the new juice as they make plans for the survey.

If ABC Ltd wants to identify the flavors of fruit juice that customers would find most appealing, a checklist allowing customers to indicate preferences could be one section of the survey. Prioritizing choices could provide more detailed information if that was wanted.

ABC Ltd may need to consider if the fruit juice is going to be marketed primarily to parents of young children, to youth making their own purchases, to athletes supporting a nutritious diet, to the elderly with special dietary requirements. Questions regarding the reason why a customer buys fruit juice, where and how frequently it is purchased, how much is bought at a time, how it is stored and when/where it is consumed could provide useful input as ABC plans for packaging and marketing. Multiple choice questions might be a viable format for gathering this information.

Before designing the questionnaire, specific questions that need to be answered must be determined.

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