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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

`(a1/2) 1/2 (ab1/2)`


`therefore (a/2)times 1/2 times ((ab)/2)` 

Note how effectively you are multiplying `a/1 times1/2 and (ab)/1 times 1/2`

Now multiply everything:`therefore a/2 times1/2times(ab)/2` becomes `(a times1 timesab)/(2 times2 times2)`

`therefore = (a^2b)/8` (remember 2^3 is 8)

therefore =`( a^2b)/8`


atyourservice | Student

`(a1/2)1/2(ab1/2) `

multiply across

`(a/2)xx1/2xx((ab)/2) `

`axx1xxab = a^2b `

`2xx2xx2= 8 `

`(a^2b)/8  `

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