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a) A very slippery block of ice slides down a smooth ramp tilted at angle pheta. The ice is released from rest at vertical height h above the bottom of the ramp. Find an expression for the speed of the ice at the bottom. b) Evaluate your answer to part a) for ice released at a height of 30cm on ramps tilted at an angle of 20 degrees and at 40 degrees.

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When the block of ice is at the op of the ramp due to the slope of the ramp component of its weight act parallel to the ramp. This cause the ice block to move along the ramp and come to the bottom of the ramp.

By using F= ma along the ramp;

Let us consider the mass of ice block as m kg.

mg`sintheta` = m*a

          a = g`sintheta`


Using `v^2 = u^2-2as` along the ramp for the ice cube;

s = distance that the ice cube travel along ramp

sin`theta` = h/s

          s = h/sin`theta`

length measured upwards taken as positive. So here length as measured top to bottom...

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