A survey​ asks, "If the husband in a family wants​ children, but the wife decides that she does not want any​ children, is it all right for the wife to refuse to have​ children?" Of 743​ subjects, 569 said yes. Find a​ 99% confidence interval for the population proportion who would say yes using a TI 83 calculator.

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A survey question posed to 743 people gets 569 positive answers. We are asked to find a 99% confidence interval of the true population proportion.

(1) In a TI-83/84 calculator:

Hit Stat -> Tests -> A (1-PropZInt)

x=569 (number of "successes")
n=743 (sample size)
C-Level: 99 (given in problem)

<Enter> (Calculate)


1-PropZInt (type of test)
(.7258,.80583) (interval you seek)
`hat(p)=.7658142665` (p-hat is the sample proportion...

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