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a summary of Journey by Patricia Grace

"Journey" by Patricia Grace is written from the perspective of an older, Maori man in New Zealand who goes into town to try and change the re-development plans for his family's land. Along the way, he muses about all the changes in the town and what has happened to his family over the years. His petition for land for his family to build houses on is denied and he returns home unsuccessful.

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Patricia Grace is a Maori author whose writing focusses on issues facing Maori people in New Zealand. "Journey" follows an older Maori man who is venturing into the city to petition for land for his nieces and nephews to build homes on.

The man takes a taxi into town and converses with young driver. Once in town, he takes a train further along his journey. He then walks to the office where he meets with a representative regarding the land his family owns. Along his journey to the office, the man muses about changes in the city and how things are different from what he remembered. His musing shed a...

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