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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to find the solution to this problem, one needs to create a fraction for the whole number 10. To do this, you simply place 10 over 1. Therefore, the set-up of the problem would look like this:

9/5 * 10/1

Next you will multiply 9X10 and 5X1. You will get 90 and 5. You will place 90 in the numerator position and 5 in the denominator position. The new fraction will look like this:


Next, you will divide 90 by 5. You will get an answer of 18.

aznboy578 | Student

I agree with the second comment. Good job, everybody is correct!






You do this problem by doing= nine times 10 since it is the numerator. Than you do ninety divided by five. Your final answer will be eighteen.


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