82.000-70.000/ 8.000-(-30)*42-22order of operations

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82.000 - 70.000/8.000 - (-30)*42 -22

The first thing to look for would be any calculations that are inside of parentheses such as (3+2).  Since we don't have any calculations inside parentheses, we will move straight to looking for multiplication and division parts.

You should do multiplication and division calculations as you move from left to right. This means we'll need to take 70.000/8.000 as it is the first multiplication/division portion, then -30*42.

= 82.000 - 8.75 - (-1260) - 22

Now that we have cleared all the multiplication and division steps, we can go back through and do the addition and subtraction from left to right.

= 1311.25


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