What were eight of the most important world history events that occurred during the Bronze Age?

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1)      Cuniform writing developed in Sumeria: The earliest known phonetic writing system first appeared during the early bronze age around 3000 BCE.

2)      First Domesticated crops and animals in the New World: The ancient Incas first domesticate the Llama, Alpacha and the Potato around 300 BCE. Although these were not the first crops or animals domesticated in world history, all of these will be central to the growth of the Incan Empire later one.

3)      First Pyramid appears in Egypt: The first of these iconic Egyptian monuments is built around 2600 BCE to honor the ruler Imhotep.

4)      First wheeled war chariots developed in Mesopotamia: The arrival of wheeled war wagons, a primitive form of the chariot, appears for the first time in the Middle East. They will revolutionize warfare. The earliest known example of this is traced to 2400 BCE.

5)      Code of Laws appears in Sumer: The earliest recorded code of laws is recorded in Sumer around 2350 BCE.

6)      Decimal Notation in Babylon: The first recorded use of decimal numbers are invented in Babylon around 2000 BCE.

7)      Epic of Gilgamesh: The world’s first recorded myth, the Epic of Gilgamesh, is written in Sumeria around 2000 BCE.

8)      Judaism founded in Palestine: The oldest monotheistic religion in the world gets its start around 1200 BCE in the Palestine region.

9)      Maize cultivated in Mesoamerica: Corn, or Maize, is first domesticated and grown around 1440 BCE. It will go on to become the world’s most resilient and important foodstuff.

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