7 Ways to Advertise your Massage Business for Free. Advertising is a necessary part of running your massage business. However, as we all know, placing ads in magazines or local directories can be...

7 Ways to Advertise your Massage Business for Free.

Advertising is a necessary part of running your massage business. However, as we all know, placing ads in magazines or local directories can be expensive. If you’re running a small business or you’re a sole trader, it always helps to keep costs down. However, it’s a big mistake to skimp on advertising, especially during times of recession.

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Kristen Lentz | Middle School Teacher | (Level 1) Educator Emeritus

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A few things I haven't seen posted.

1.  Craigslist

2.  Contact local school districts and try to get your flier or an advertisement posted in the teachers lounge with a discount.  Teachers are all stressed out this time of year anyway.

3.  If you have the time, set up a chair massage at a college or a teachers lounge for half a day and offer free 10 minute massages.  It will be a lot of work for nothing, but it will cost you nothing but your time.  Chances are you will pull in several new clients from the experience.

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wannam | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Educator

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As far as free advertisements are concerned, social media and word of mouth are probably the biggest.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and many others allow free advertising and free business pages.  Other services like Google or Yahoo reviews are also great advertising (assuming that your customers leave good reviews).  You can always encourage customers to help you advertise by offering a discount for sending in a friend, liking your Facebook page, leaving a review on a local search, etc.  Business cards and coupons are also great ways to advertise (though they are not entirely free).  Some business even advertise on the back of recipes from other stores.  It is also possible to join with another business.  For instance, a nail salon near by might be interested in sending customers to you if your massage business would send customers to them.  There are many ways to advertise that do not cost as much as TV commercials and other big advertisements.

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megan-bright | (Level 1) Associate Educator

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With social media and the internet in general, there are many ways to advertise your business. Do began by researching successful massage business owners. Word of mouth is always a powerful promotion for all businesses. Furthermore, Facebook has small business owner pages. Twitter networking has been helpful to many people as well.

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litteacher8 | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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I would think the key to massage would be to make it sound inviting and relaxing.  Some people are probably made a little uncomfortable by it.  The type of advertising and the medium is important.  A massage business in my city has a robot out there holding a sign, just as many companies hire people to do.  But the robot is wearing a black jacket, a black hat, and dark sunglasses.  He seems really creepy to me, and does not at all inspire me to get a massage!

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loraaa | Student | (Level 2) Valedictorian

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Advertising is a very important part, but also "good selection of employees" is very important.
 Therefore, employees must possess "good moral character," especially when dealing with customers, Or promotion of the Declaration...

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megnewcomb | (Level 1) eNoter

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There are many FREE ways to advertise a local business, such as, Facebook, Instagram, local newspapers, printing flyers yourself and putting them up, sending e-mails, text messages, creating a free web site and maintaining it yourself, and the yellow pages. For a small business to make it, I believe Free promotion is the way to go!

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