-6x^2 + sqrt(3)x^2

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If you need to solve for `x`  the given expression, you need to convert it into an equation such that:

`-6x^2 + (sqrt3)x^2 = 0`

You need to factor out `x^2`  such that:

`x^2(-6 + sqrt3) = ` 0

You need to divide by`-6 + sqrt3`  such that:

`x^2 = 0 => x_1 = x_2 = 0`

Hence, evaluating the solutions to the equation `-6x^2 + (sqrt3)x^2 = 0`  yields `x_1 = x_2 = 0.`

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eagudelo | Student

I really don't know what it is you are asking. You did not set that expression equal to anything or tell us what to do. The only thing I can tell you is that that also equals to (-6 + sqrt(3))x^2, which is also -4.2679x^2.

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