Write a 6-8 sentence first person paragraph describing Scout, Jem and Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird.Please help me.

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SCOUT.  As narrator, Scout divulges most of the information through her own telling of the story. She is

  • a tomboy and prefers the company of boys
  • overly fond of wearing overalls and hates dresses
  • more comfortable around adults than children her own age
  • quick to use her fists
  • fond of Dill and considers him her boyfriend
  • mature for her age
  • highly intelligent and well above her grade level scholastically
  • inquisitive
  • hot-tempered and quick to judge

JEM.  Harper Lee's narrative through the eyes of Scout allows for mostly her own perspective. We know that Jem is

  • headstrong, somewhat hot-tempered and emotional
  • older than Scout by four years
  • athletic
  • protective of his sister
  • fearless
  • introspective

ATTICUS.  Atticus' humble nature does not allow him to describe himself in the novel, but we know through Scout's narrative that he

  • is tall
  • is older than most parents with children Scout's age
  • wears glasses because of an inherited eye condition
  • is a respected and competent lawyer
  • is a pillar of the community
  • was the "deadest shot in the county" as a youth
  • is humble and unassuming
  • is not particularly athletic
  • is friends with nearly everyone--white and black
  • likes to walk and rarely drives his car
  • is Maycomb's representative in the Alabama legislature
  • is a widow (his wife died of a heart attack)
  • loves to spend time reading in the evening with Scout
  • is even-tempered at nearly all times
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