`5y = 10x - 25` Write each equation in standard form. Identify A, B and C

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Chapter 2, 2.2 - Problem 31 - Glencoe Algebra 2 (1st Edition, McGraw-Hill Education).
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Ax + By = C 

This fomula is the key to figuring out this problem, if you notice both variables are on the same side while the constant without a variable is behind the equal sign.

It would be easier if we rearrange the problem to make the equation have the same format:

5y = 10x - 25

move the 10x by subtracting it:

5y - 10x = -25

now it is in the same format and all we have to do it match

A = 5   B = -10  C = -25

Not sure if the teacher expects you to simplify but all you would have to do in that case if divide all the numbers by 5 and do the same process.

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Standard form is given by the formula: 

Ax + By = C 

where A, B, C are constants. 

Rearrange the given equation to get:

-10x + 5y = -25

Therefore, A = -10, B = 5, C = -25

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