A 500 kg elevator is pulled upward with a constant force of 5500N for a distance of 50.0 m. What is the net worh done on the elevator? Note: Use appropriate equation to solve:

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The weight of elevator acts downward, and you need to evaluate it, such that:

`G = m*g => G = 500*9.8 => G = 4900 N`

You need to set up the equilibrium equation of the forces that act on elevator, along y axis, such that:

`sum F_y = F - G`

F represents the net force that acts on elevator

`sum F_y = 5500 - 4900`

`sum F_y = 600N`

You need to evaluate the work done on the elevator, such that:

`W = (sum F_y)*d => W = 600*50 => W = 30000J`

Hence, evaluating the work done on the elevator yields `W = 30000J.`