5 interruptions and the reason of them in the Wife Of Bath's Tale from The Canterbury Tales

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The Wife of Bath is interrupted several times during the Prologue to her story.  The first time she is interrupted by the Pardoner, who wants to know why in the world he would marry at all after what she has told them so far. 

The Summoner and Friar interrupt to argue with each other about how long-winded the Wife of Bath is being in telling her story.  In the meantime, the host interrupts them to tell them to be quiet and let her tell the story.  “Peace!  And that at once.  Let the woman tell her tale…”.  One other possible interruption could be the Wife interrupting herself.  For example, she is telling her story and everything is going well, then she interrupts herself to tell a story about King Midas and his ears. 

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