What are five important events in The Outsiders?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most of the events in The Outsiders evolve from the fateful night when Ponyboy and Johnny first meets Cherry at the drive-in. On that night alone, Pony and Johnny join Cherry and Marcia for a double-feature before trying to escort the girls home. Johnny stands up to Dally, warning him to leave Cherry alone after she throws a glass of Coke in his face. Pony and Cherry share their innermost thoughts, Two-Bit and Marcia hit it off, and Johnny is happy sitting next to a pair of classy Soc girls. Later that night, Cherry's Soc boyfriend harrasses the group (Two-Bit, Johnny, Pony, Cherry and Marcia), taking the girls and leaving the greasers alone--for the time being. Late arriving home, Pony runs away after an argument with Darry; shortly afterward, the boys are attacked by the same group of Socs, and Johnny is forced to defend himself, killing one of the boys after Pony is nearly drowned. Pony and Johnny hunt down Dallas Winston, and Dally provides them with a gun, plan, money and a safe hiding place until things cool off for them in Tulsa.  

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