Give 5 examples of pathos in Into the Wild.

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I'll take Pathos to mean 'a quality that evokes pity or sadness' and in that sense, there are many examples in Into the Wild, the following being just a few:

1. At the point at which McCandless leaves Wayne Westerberg's farm for the last time, we learn that he got drunk on his final night, had a wild night in which he revealed for the first time that 'he knew how to play' piano, a brief demonstration of a talent that he had honed for many years but that he was too modest to show. This is made pathetic (in the true sense of that word, i.e. full of pathos) when he then cries at the point of his departure the next morning at the end of Chapter Seven. His tears invoke a sense of his own knowledge of the risks that he is going to take which is when one of his fellow farm workers "started to have a bad feeling that we wouldn't never see Alex again." He is clearly well liked and people wished greatly to know him better; he has the capacity to create joy in others, an element of pathos that we...

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