5 contemporary political figures seeking election to office as topics for a persuasive speech, and development of a 5-6 page text for a speech.I'm having a lot of trouble understanding and finding...

5 contemporary political figures seeking election to office as topics for a persuasive speech, and development of a 5-6 page text for a speech.

I'm having a lot of trouble understanding and finding information about this speech.

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The previous post's suggestion is very comprehensive.  I think that I could add that part of what will make your explanation about the candidates persuasive is identifying the target audience, or primary constituency, of the candidate.  In articulating the vision of a constituency's belief or base group's belief in a candidate, the positions become clearer, the passions more understandable.  Presenting a candidate's position with regards to whom they are primarily addressing brings out both strengths and limitations in a candidate, making your presentation of the candidate more compelling.

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This speech might be made easier if you gather materials based on your teacher's requirements and sorted them out to give you some ideas. The first thing that will help you become more organized if you thought about 5 contemporary political figures.

Do you know any from the US or are you familiar with another country's political candidates? If you choose the US, would you choose local, state or national politicians? You have much freedom it seems, and to me, it would be easier if they were local politicians who I know very well, but in a speech, it would probably make more sense if you chose people that the audience is familiar with. Rule #1 of any speech: Know your audience.

So after you choose national figures, choose interesting ones.  Choose possibly 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans, and maybe 1 Libertarian that will provide you with an abundance of information. Then gather materials on who they are and notice any similarities in positions and differences between the, or their national platform. That should give you enough information to then think about the structure of the speech.

Speech Rules:

1) Tell them what you will tell them

2 Tell them

3) Tell them what you told them

This could all be done with (in order)

a) A Great attention-getting statement

b) Background information on assignment

c) Thesis of what you will tell them

d) Your main points on candidates and positions, along with comparison and contrast

e) A fabulous conclusion that will give them something to think about the next time they vote.

You should have no problem with the speech if you start getting organized.