`(5^-1 + x^-1)/((5+x)*5^-1)`  

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violy eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We can `1/5+1/x/(5+x)*1/x`

Multiplying the top and bottom by the lcd which is 5x:


Cancelling common factors. 


Addition is Cummutative, so we can rewrite the bottom as 5(x + 5).


We can cancel the (x + 5) on top and bottom. 

So, we will be left with 1/5, which is the answer.


I am sorry, I missed the bottom part, its 5^-1.

So, bottom will becomes x(5+x).

And cancelling the (x + 5), the answer will be 1/x.

My apologies.

pramodpandey | Student