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Get the base to be the same

`4^(x)=4^(2) `


`x=2 `

loves2learn | Student

Another method to solve this problem is to use logarithms (either log or ln, I prefer the latter). Use the ln and then use it's properties to solve for x.


`a^x=b `


`lna^x=lnb `

and then,

`xlna=lnb `

Make sure you do the same thing on both sides!

`ln4^x=ln16 `

`xln4=ln16 `

Divide both sides by `ln4 `

`x=ln16/ln4 `


`x=2 `

Note that you should get the same answer if you used the other method. If you don't then recheck your work because you must have made a mistake along the way!

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