Whar are four reasons why it is important to research an author prior to reading 4 reasons why it is important to research an author prior to reading

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Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't important to research an author.  If you are reading an author from the past, it's usually important.  Writers do not write in a vacuum.  Knowing about the culture and historical elements will help.  Some writers also have interesting agendas or personal problems, and it helps to know those.  Generally, you don't need to research current authors.

No matter what the conventional wisdom is, there is always something of the artist in his/her (hello, kplhardison) art.  How can there not be?  Is not perception a physical and psychological phenomenon?  And, not only is the perception of the artist physically and psychologically produced, but it is also affected by the historical context of the artist. For instance, would Ernest Hemingway still write as he did had he not experienced the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and of World War I?  Probably not.  Would Nathaniel Hawthorne have written with such introspection of character had his relatives...

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