What is the description of the process of impeachment and what are the differing duties of Congress during this process?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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Like so many responsibilities in government, the framers entrusted Congress to execute the duty of impeachment.  Congress was responsible for being able to carry out impeachment.  The process of impeachment starts with the accusation of impeachment that the House of Representatives issues.  The House substantiates this accusation with a "public inquiry into the accusations."  From this, the Articles of Impeachment are passed to the Senate, where the trial of impeachment proceedings take place.  The framers understood that a process which takes place in both chambers of Congress ensures that the greatest amount of citizens' interests is represented.  This is accomplished in the combination of House and Senate in the process of impeachment.  Having over 500 leaders' voices represented in the discussion of impeachment ensures that a topic with such gravity is thoroughly explored.

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