4/9w^2+1=5/3w  solve by factoring

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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Solve `4/9 w^2+1=5/3 w` :

`4/9 w^2-5/3 w+1=0`  It is easier if you multiply through by 9 to clear the fractions:

`4w^2-15w+9=0` We seek two numbers whose product is 36 and whose sum is -15 -- the numbers are -12 and -3



`(4w-3)(w-3)=0`  Using the zero product property:

`4w-3=0 ==> w=3/4`  and w-3=0 ==> w=3


The two solutions are `w=3/4,w=3`


mufarochamu | Student

change the improper fractions into whole numbers by multiplying everything by 9.

the function becomes


it now becomes easier to solve. Put everything on one side





therefore w=3 and w=3/4

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