4 * 7.5

89 - 95

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You need to perform the multiplication `9*7.5` , hence, you need to multiply the numbers normally, as if the decimal point would not exist, such that:

`9*75 = 675`

Now, the result needs to have the same number of decimal places as are in both numbers multiplied, hence, since there exists one decimal place, the result will also have one decimal place.

You need to put the decimal point starting to count the decimal places from the right to the left. In this case, you need to count one decimal place, hence, you will place the decimal place in front of the last digit 5,such that:

`9*7.5 = 67.5`

You need to perform the subtraction `89 - 95` , hence, you need to identify what is the larger number, since the result will have the sign of the larger number. Since 95 is larger than 89, the result will be negative. Subtract 89 from 95 and put the minus sign in front of the result, such that:

`89 - 95 = -(95 - 89) = -6`

Hence, performing the given multiplication and subtraction yields `9*7.5 = 67.5` and `89 - 95 = -6` .

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