If (4,3) is on the graph of y=f(x), which one of the following must be a point on the graph of y=-f(2x+10)? 1)-8,-3 2)-3,-3 3)-3,-3 -not typo 4)18,-3 I don't know what to do here? Any tips would be really helpful!   Thanks,   MB

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Given that `(4,3)` lies on the graph of f(x), find the point that must lie on `-f(2x+10)` :

(1) If x=-8 then y=-f(-6). We don't know what f(-6) is.

(2) If x=18 then y=-f(-26). Again, we do not know the value of f(-26).

(3) If x=-3 then y=-f(4)=-3. Thus the answer is both (2) and (3).

The solution is (-3,-3)

** If this is an online class, I suspect an error on the instructor's part. Unfortunately, you will have to guess as to which one will be marked correct. If this is a face to face class, you will be able to point out the error.

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