3xexponent4 - 2x exponent 3 + 5 what is the second term ? and what does second & first term mean

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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We are given `3x^4-2x^3+5` :

This is a polynomial expression in standard form. Each of `3x^4,2x^3,"and"5` is called a "term"-- you are multiplying numbers and variables. Terms are seperated by plus or minus.

A polynomial is said to be in standard form if the terms are written so that the term with the highest degree (In general, the highest power of the variable) is first, and all other terms are written from greatest degree to least degree.

In this case, the highest degree is 4, the next highest is 3, and the least is 0 (a number has degree zero).

Thus the first term is `3x^4` , the second term is `-2x^3` , and the third and last term is 5.