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You do not specify but I am assuming that you want the two polynomials multiplied and then simplified.  Multiplying polynomials is easy; you just have to keep track of each term that you multiply.  In this case, you would multiply each term in (2x^2+7x+2) first by 3x and then by 6 and then algebraically sum all the terms together.



Now add the like terms together and simplify.



Notice that 3 is a common factor in each coefficient above.  We can factor out the 3 for the simplest form.


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`(3x+6)(2x^2+7x+2)`  distribute the first parenthesis to the second

you will end up with

`6x^3+21x^2+6x+12x^2+42x+12 `

combine the like terms

`6x^3+33x^2+48x+12 `

so the answer is

`6x^3+33x^2+48x+12  `