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Solve 3x+2=9:

We use inverse operations to isolate the variable:

3x+2=9   Subtract 2 from both sides (or add -2 to both sides) using the addition/subtraction property of equality.

3x=7       Divide both sides by 3 (or multiply by 1/3) using the multiplication/division property of equality.



Check your answer: `3(7/3)+2=7+2=9 ` as required.

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Subtract 2 on both sides


You always want to make the variable alone

x =7/3


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To find x, we must isolate it in the equation.

We start with:

3x + 2 = 9

First, we want to move the 2 to the other side of the equation. For this, we to cancel out the 2 and move it to the other side. Since we know that when we apply something to one side of the equation, we must apply it to the other side, we do this to move the 2 out of the left side of this equation:

3x + 2 = 9

3x + 2 - 2 = 9 - 2


3x = 7

Now, we know the value of 3x. To find out the value of x, we must divide both sides of the equation by 3:

3x / 3 = 7 / 3

x = 7 / 3

Therefore, x is equal to 7/3, which is the most accurate way to express the value of x.