360 square tiles of length 30cm were needed to cover the floor of a room which is 7 m 20 cm long. If no tiles were cut , find the width of the room.

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We are given that 360 tiles were required to tile a floor: the tiles are square and 30 cm on edge. The length of the room is 7m 20cm, and we are asked to determine the width of the room assuming that no tiles were required to be cut.

The area of the room can be found by multiplying the length by the width.


Converting all units to the same unit, here we choose cm, we get:

A=324000 square centimeters (360 times the area of each tile or 360*900 square centimeters.)


The width can be found by dividing the area by the length:

` w=(324000 "cm"^2)/(720"cm")=450"cm"`


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