350 mL contains 45 g of medication and delivered over 2.5 hours at a 25 drop set. How many drops per minute is administered.a. 175 gtt/min b. 233.3 gtt/min c. 116.7 gtt/min d. 58.3 gtt/min

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

gtt/min is a common abbreviation used to describe the rate at which a medicine is administered. gtt comes from the Latin word "guttae" which means drops.

Here we have a 350 mL solution that contains 45 g of medication and is delivered over 2.5 hours at a 25 drop set.

The 25 drop set indicates that each mL is equal to 25 drops. 350 mL is equal to 350*25 = 8750 drops. This is administered in 2.5 hours or 2.5*60 = 150 minutes.

The rate in gtt/min of the solution being administered is 8750/150 = 58.33.

The correct answer is option d or 58.3 gtt/min.

lambertd | Student

What we are searching here is an attempt to solve the formula

Volume x Calibration/min = gtt/min

So in order to solve this we need everything to be in the proper format so therefore we must convert 2.5 hours into minutes.

so the conversion rate of 2.5hrs x 60min/hr = 150min if you will notice the hrs cancel.

Now we can calculate our desired outcome by

350mL x 25 drops/150min = 58.3 gtt/min